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Crazy about Great Coffee

Haleakala Sunrise

photo above: Haleakala Sunset

If you feel constantly challenged

when trying to find a great cup of coffee,

you're not alone.


If a great - truly excellent - cup of coffee does matter to you - because coffee is one of life's great pleasures and simple indulgences - spend a little time with us.  

Because coffee "making" is far from simple.  When we talk about coffee, it's the good stuff . . . not the kind you find out there a lot today.

So, how do you know?  How could one typically react to coffee hype and trendiness when searching for great coffee?  

1)  Buy cheap or the best deal.  "It's all the same."  Or...  

2)  Buy the most expensive. "It has to be better."


Either way, you can miss finding excellent coffee.


Stuff we do behind the scenes


roasteing-coffee.Maui-upcountry-coffeeFor us, coffee is personal. We throw out a roast (ouch!) if it doesn't pass muster.  We experiment. We have fun.  But we also combine our sense of adventure with years of coffee growing, roasting and sourcing experience because making great coffee is both an art and a science.  Plenty of sensory experiences happen behind the scenes at Maui Upcountry Coffee ;)  



The farm and roasting is in Maui, USA where we are a sustainable island business supporting the local economy. We are local and SUPPORT LOCAL, and are especially dedicated to education and the arts.                                         

Local, single-farm, direct origin, 100% Maui-grown coffee, 100% Hawaiian-grown coffee, and internationally-grown coffee are here for you.


We also offer a few select blends. A great blend can be magical, one bean enhancing the quality and complexity of another.  We test and research all across the country - our Pacific Reserve is hugely popular and one of our personal favorites.

Freshness? A must with no compromises. We are small-batch roasters on-demand, so we ship the next day after we roast.  We also provide for local establishments so our coffee has a built-in freshness cycle.


How We Got Started

"It was coffee love at first cup."

Hana Bay Coffee LabelMaui Upcountry Coffee's roots go back 41 years to the first espresso bar in Hawaii called "Coffee Store". Mark, was the original owner of that shop when years later he teamed up with a  upcountry farmer friend, Gary, and they started growing, roasting and sourcing coffee under the name Hana Bay Coffee. Hana Bay, inspired by the iconic Road to Hana, continues to be very popular along with our label, Maui Upcountry Coffee™, celebrating our roots in upcountry.


Fast Forward to Today 

We are located on the same farm in upcountry Maui - the region where local chefs seek out the finest produce on the island. Here you'll find art galleries, rodeos, plentiful farmers' markets, wine country, goat milk cheese and chocolate truffle-makers, vodka makers, lavender farms, polo matches (photo left) and of course, the great and majestic Haleakala, a massive dormant volcano with 10,000 ft. elevation at the summit and National Park spanning 33,265 acres.  

Crazy about Coffee

Maui-Upcountry-CoffeeBeing in the publishing/epicurean field for years on the mainland, we were constantly searching for a great cup of coffee there and in far-flung places. We often found the search to be challenging because"great" was hard to find. When we were introduced to Mark and Gary when they were selling their company, it was clear from the get-go that they were not only coffee-obsessed like us.  It was "coffee love" at first cup.


Located on the slopes of stunning Haleakala ("house of the sun"), our coffee has one of the best views on the planet :) Maui is known as no ka 'oi "the best" and we go for it every day. 



Coffee, like wine

Like wine, ingredients matter; there are good grapes and not so, even from the sameMaui-Upcountry-Coffee.beans.grow region. The process of wine-making matters - the care, standards, and how it is received by those who enjoy it.  Quality and consistency is our mantra.

Like wine, all coffee roasts are not created equal even if they have a similar name or from the same region just like fine wines. Even in Hawaii, home of the some of the best coffee on the planet, there are levels of greatness. 



"Maui Upcountry Coffee has the most amazing aroma  . . . I'm in love!!"

 - new customer


Prized Hawaiian Coffee

    There are reasons why Hawaii is the only state in the USA that grows coffee. One naturally thinks of our ideal climate with blue skies and sultry cloud-cover offering natural shade in between those misty rainbow sightings that appear seemingly everywhere.

Let's not forget a key ingredient: our incredibly nutrient-rich volcanic soil . . . . along with clean fresh air stirring across lush landscapes in the middle of the Pacific. 


The People & the Spirit of Aloha

The pristine environment plays a big part; so do the people, culture and values. We count our blessings daily; the spirit of aloha - which means goodness - is alive and well here. There is also something very balanced about life here, perhaps because we live on an island; we have to take care of it, along with each other. There is a strong sense of community and a vast appreciation of land, sea and sky.



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Aloha and a hui hou,

Maui Coffee Gal & Scott

Maui Upcountry Coffee
Beans with an "altitude" - no ka 'oi ™ (the best)




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