Shipping & Customer Service

Aloha!  We are small-batch roasters so we ship once per week arriving freshly roasted to your door! We are SMALL BATCH artisanal coffee that doesn't sit on a warehouse shelf!
                        FREE SHIPPING on orders above $95. and under $225. so buy for friends and family!
Our coffee beans are then packed in stay-fresh foil bags with an extra gas-releasing valve, hot-sealed, placed carefully in a sturdy USPS box or one of similar heft (mainly for inter-island), and then sent in a hurry so you may enjoy rich, aromatic coffee from Hawaii.
There are real people working behind the scenes at Maui Upcountry Coffee so talk to us!

 We ship using the flat rate United States Postal Service (USPS) as our default shipping method. Estimated time provided by USPS to most destinations on the U.S. mainland from Maui is about 3-4 days.  USPS does not guarantee delivery times, however, nor do they guarantee insurance claims for damaged or lost good until 30 days after shipment so we cannot accept responsibility for any lost or damaged items.  Our coffee is packed with care in a flat rate USPS box (or similar construction box inter-island) to avoid usual wear-and-tear from shipping. Here are the rates for USPS:

Up to 1 lb. rate via USPS to U.S. mainland - $8.95  
1.1 4. lbs. via USPS to U.S. mainland - $12.95
4.1 Lb. up to 8 Lbs. via USPS to U.S. mainland - $16.45
8.1 Lbs. up to 10 Lbs. via USPS to U.S. mainland - $19.95


Shipping costs decrease substantially when ordering larger quantities. For example, one Lb. of coffee to the mainland costs $8.95 to ship;  4 Lbs. costs $12.95 to ship.


Note to residents of Hawaii:  The rates quoted for USPS above are the Maui-to-U.S.-mainland rates.  You will receive a Kama'aina inter-island rate at check-out.
FED-X 2 Day /UPS
For guaranteed shipping, we recommend FED-X 2 day or UPS delivery.  At the 4 - 5 lb. level, the cost is close to the USPS flat rate, which is not guaranteed.  
We use either Fed-X or UPS 2 day depending on location, as rates are similar.
Here are approximate costs to the mainland.  Please contact us at for custom quotes:
Up to 1 LB. (16 oz.) rate via FED-X 2 day or UPS to U.S. mainland - $16.25
1.1 - 2.0 Lbs. - $16.25
2.1 - 3.0 Lbs. - $17.25
3.1 - 4.0 Lbs. - $18.50
4.1-5.0 Lbs. - $19.75
5.1 - 6.0 Lbs. - $22.75
6.0 - 7 Lbs. - $27.25


Custom Quotes

Please contact us for custom quotes on green coffee, larger quantities, special orders, or international destination shipping costs.
We try to respond within 24 hours for shipping costs and within 48 hours for more complicated requests.
All our coffee are shipped "whole bean" to maximize freshness unless otherwise indicated.  

Contact Us

We are here for you!  Please let us know your impressions of our coffee and service.  We would like to know what you like to see more of, or less of, and how we can improve.

Mahalo in advance!


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